Proposal Management

● Review and analysis of the RFx package;
● Facilitate bid/no bid discussion;
● Create proposal plan to organize proposal team;
● Facilitate proposal kick-off meeting; 
● Determine win themes and strategy;
● Review client terms and conditions then highlight areas requiring further discussion;
● Where required, propose alternative terms and conditions;
● If required, prepare RFx for subcontractor/partner scope and release;
● Single point of contact between client and subcontractors;
● Review subcontractor’s response to RFx and select best solution/price;
● Contract management - negotiate terms and conditions with subcontractor;
● Manage clarification questions to the client;
● Gather all costs and estimate the price to win;
● Facilitate financial and technical color team proposal reviews and evaluation;
● Manage proposal writing and editing; 
● Manage desktop publishing and delivery of proposal package.

Complete presentation and demonstration coaching and preparation:
● Create presentation playbook to organize presentation team;
● Manage presentation preparation: PowerPoint presentations, placemat, brochures;
● Manage script preparation;
● Timing of participants; and
● Presentation coaching of presenters’ manner of public speaking.


Proposal and Presentation Management
Fees - $5000 per solicitation

Complete services outlined above. Introduce client to partner firms, if required.