Our Services - Grant Applications

  1. Project management to complete and submit grant application from start to finish
  2. Create application templates with your logo and branding
  3. Create secure Dropbox site for document management
  4. Create application plan with writing assignments and schedule
  5. Download agency documentation of solicitation, Q&A and amendments
  6. Facilitate kick-off meeting and all status calls
  7. Assistance to complete the concept paper, if required
  8. Assistance to complete full application
  9. Assistance to complete evaluation review response
  10. Assistance to complete application forms
  11. Assistance to upload to agency portal
  12. Assistance with obtaining UEI and SAM.gov
  13. Packaging services
  14. Assistance with application compliance
  15. Assistance with application evaluation

Partner firms to complete:

  • Feasibility study
  • Technical reports
  • GHG emissions worksheet
  • Project finance
Grant Applications
Concept Paper Fee: $3,000                                                                                                          Full Application Fee: $8,000

Complete tasks 1 to 14 above. Introduce client to partner firms, if required.